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Employee Assistance Program International network of over 17,000 providers available 24/7 for counseling, incident and risk management. Environmental Health & Safety Water and air testing, respiratory protection, safety and health, abatement oversight, and ergonomics programs.
Worksite Health Centers Emergency response, physical exams, immunizations, health screenings, and health risk appraisals. Medical Surveillance Programs Monitor employees exposed to hazards on the job; physical exams, exposure assessment, and exposure control plans.
AED Services Develop and manage agency Automated External Defibrillator programs, and provide medical oversight. Health Promotion Information, education, training, and consultation on health-related issues to encourage healthy lifestyle choices.
Wellness/Fitness Centers Onsite wellness/fitness centers, fitness education, fitness assessments, and personal training. Work/Life Services Resources, information, and consultation services to help balance work and life.
Tobacco Cessation Program Nicotine replacement, customized quit planning, ongoing and follow-up support, counseling, and resources. Training and Education Workplace violence prevention, stress and change management, emergency and critical incident management.